November 25, 2020

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Everlane’s $118 Day Glove flats look and feel like they cost a lot more — here’s what we think after wearing them around New York City for over a year

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 Summary List Placement Everlane's Day Glove flats ($118) are made from soft Italian leather and have features like a higher upper that bends with you smoothly and securely, side perforations that ventilate, and an easy pull tab. Four of us on the Insider Reviews team tested them out to see if they're really as comfortable…
Everlane’s $118 Day Glove flats look and feel like they cost a lot more — here’s what we think after wearing them around New York City for over a year

 Summary List Placement

Everlane’s Day Glove flats ($118) are made from soft Italian leather and have features like a higher upper that bends with you smoothly and securely, side perforations that ventilate, and an easy pull tab.
Four of us on the Insider Reviews team tested them out to see if they’re really as comfortable as Everlane promises. We also provided updates on how the shoes held up to over a year of regular use. 
You can read our thoughts below, or grab yourself a pair at Everlane in 13 colors for $118.
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The Day Glove, with its characteristically elongated upper and glove-like Nappa leather, was first issued as Everlane’s follow-up to its massively popular Day Heel, (a low block heel with an elastic back which once acquired a 28,000 person waitlist). Since then, the Day family has expanded to include booties and a knit version of the flats.
The Day Glove comes with the same big promises of comfort and style that customers came to associate with the Day Heel. According to the company, they’ve created a flat that gives you sophistication and ease without asking for trade-offs like discomfort and blisters. You’re supposed to be able to literally run, bike, and cartwheel around in them as well as wear them to a Monday morning meeting. In terms of style, they’re subtle, versatile, and look like a chic update to the classic you know.
In other words, Everlane’s Day Glove is the flat you never thought to ask for, until now. It’s made from soft Italian leather, has an easy pull tab on the back and perforated side vents to keep your feet from getting sweaty, and a cushioned insole that’s soft and contoured for all-day comfort. The shape and leather work together to mold to your foot like a literal glove. 
Right now, you can pick up your own pair for $118 in 13 beautiful colors. 
To see how close the Day Glove comes to its claims in real life, four women on the Insider Reviews team tested them out. You can read our initial reviews, plus how the shoes have weathered a year of regular use, below. If you don’t need any more convincing, we’ll just share here that as for sizing, your best bet is to go true to size, or if you’re in between sizes, to go up a half size.
Shop all the Day Gloves at Everlane here, or continue on to read our reviews of them.

Malarie Gokey, Insider Reviews Deputy Editor: The Day Glove in black, $118

As a general rule, I don’t wear flats. I’m 5’2″ and I like to feel tall(er) by wearing 2-3-inch heels every day. I’ve also just never found a pair of flats that were comfortable enough to wear all day long. They always seem to chafe my ankles, pinch my toes, and feel unsupportive.
Everlane’s Day Glove Flats are much more comfortable than any other flats I’ve tried. They actually fit my foot and move with me — not against me. The black leather is soft, comfortable, and stylish enough to go with anything. They’re long in the toe, so you don’t feel like your toes are running into the edges of the shoe, and the heel fits comfortably without chafing. The softness of the leather has excellent give, so I almost felt like I wasn’t wearing shoes at all. That said, they’re not terribly supportive, so if you need support from your shoes, these are not for you. But as far as flats go, I think they’re wonderful.
One-year update:
I don’t wear flats often, but Everlane’s Day Gloves are my favorite pair. They don’t chafe or rub against my ankle or toes in any way. I actually keep my pair at work for “shoe emergencies” when I just want to switch into something more comfortable or swap out my rain boots for a nice-looking pair of shoes. Like the Day Boots, these flats have very slim soles and delicate leather, so I imagine mine would be more worn out if I wore them more often.

Sally Kaplan, Insider Reviews senior editor: The Day Glove in white, $118

I like to think of myself as an Everlane super-fan, but I’ll be the first to admit that its shoes can be a bit hit-or-miss. I have two pairs of its loafer mules (the ones without backs) because most of the shoes I’ve tried from the brand that have stiff backs cause me near-instant blisters. 
I also have a pair of the Day Heels which I love — specifically because the backs are made from a buttery soft leather with elastic stretch — so I was really excited to try the somewhat similar Day Gloves. I got a white pair, despite my better judgment as a city-dweller, and they look super modern and sleek with everything from jeans to slip dresses. 
Though they don’t have any sort of stretch by the heel tab, these flats are still exceptionally comfortable. The leather is thin and flexible so there’s no extreme stiffness, and I wore mine all day with zero evidence of blistering or rubbing. Everlane recommended that we go up a half size when sending in our choices, and I’m glad I did. I think it would have been cramped otherwise. The toe area of the size 8 felt fine for me (I wear a 7.5), but I have pretty average feet when it comes to width. I will say that if you have really wide feet, these probably aren’t the shoes for you.
Since it’s still pretty cold out here I can’t say whether the small holes for venting really kept my feet from getting too sweaty, but I’m looking forward to testing that out in the summer (update — the vents are very helpful!).
Overall, I have to say — I think these flats are more than worth the price, and though Everlane could definitely get away with charging more, I really appreciate that they don’t. 

Two-year update:
There exists on this earth no better flat than the Day Gloves. The original pair I got for this review is still in constant rotation for me (yep, the white leather has held up and proved itself to be easy to clean!) but I fell so hard in love that I bought myself another pair in a cognac brown color since then. They wear beautifully, are super easy to clean (just wipe them down with a damp cloth and maybe a little hand soap if necessary), and mold to your feet like malleable leather socks. I love them so.

Mara Leighton, Insider Reviews senior reporter: The Day Glove in white, $118

I spend a lot of time in flats, and these are definitely the most comfortable (and flattering) pair that I’ve worn. I haven’t always had luck with Everlane shoes, but these are undeniably great.
They really do fit like a glove, and the soft, flexible Italian leather is only going to get better with repeated wear. The colors are all beautiful neutrals that have a luxe sheen in the sun, and the elongated upper converts them from an average pair of flats to a chicer iteration. And in terms of comfort, it elevated the experience: I never slipped out of them (or felt I would) and I ended the day without angry red lines from where the leather cut into my feet when they bent.
The real highlight, though, is the ventilation holes Everlane added. Flats have a habit of becoming gross, I-don’t-want-to-take-these-off-in-front-of-you shoes in the hot summer months. Adding perforation to the sides to encourage airflow is the kind of upgrade I wish I had thought to look for years ago. 
The Day Gloves are much pricier than what I would normally spend on a pair of flats and I did need to size a half size up, but given how often I wear them, how comfortable they are, and how much of my closet they go with, I’d rather have one pair of these than cycle through the run-of-the-mill pairs I typically buy.
One-year update:
These are the best flats I’ve ever worn, and one of the first products I recommend when people inevitably ask me ‘what are the best things you’ve tested?’ when they learn what I do. I loved them so much I wrote a second review. They’re versatile, come in a whopping 12 colors now, and have aged really well. My white pair has been easy to clean (I use a damp paper towel), and I still wear them multiple times per week. Despite that, they show little signs of wear — some creasing of the leather, but nothing major. 

Ellen Hoffman, Insider Reviews Executive Editor: The Day Glove in light blue, $118 (color no longer available)
Like a lot of workingwomen, I simply don’t have time for uncomfortable shoes. I’ve bought enough of them to know better at this point in my life. I need shoes that are supportive and versatile, and that can handle all the walking I do in New York City every day. And gratefully, Everlane’s new Day Glove seems up to the task.
The Day Glove surprised me with its out-of-the-box comfort and all-day-long breathability. The backs and sides of ballet flats typically blister and irritate my feet, but after a super short break-in period for the Italian leather (yep, these babies are made from only premium and ethically sourced materials, but they do still require a little time to mold to your feet), I was able to traipse all around the city in my Day Glove — in complete comfort.
Get yourself a pair in your favorite color (I’m partial to the light blue) — trust me, your feet will seriously thank you. Just make sure to size up half a size for a perfect fit. I normally wear a size 8, but I got an 8.5 per Everlane’s recommendation, and an 8 definitely would have been too small.  
One-year update:
I’m wearing my Day Gloves as I write my updated review at work … which is to say that I still really like them a year and a half later! As a product reviewer, it’s really saying something when I consistently come back to a product, and Everlane’s Day Glove is the one pair of flats I’ll always come back to for its comfort and easy style. I have three pairs of the Day Glove, two leather styles (in light blue and tan) and the new ReKnit version (in yellow). I slightly prefer the ReKnit version because my feet tend to sweat a bit in the leather style.
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